Sales to more new customers

We identify who actually visits your website, what products or services they are interested in, and provide proven contacts and further information. This allows you to address and focus on the customers who are actually interested in your products, first. Our tool also recognizes the needs of current customers.

Upselling of current clients

By comparing our output with your books, you will find out which sources bring profit, and in what volume. Only with us are you able to find out, how much money the PR article, advertisement, key word, Facebook, Google etc. actually made. You count money, not inputs. And you only increase what's profitable.

Monitoring of campaigns and competition

This tool is also able to measure and evaluate phone and mail campaigns. You know what interested who, without them informing you. More than 95% of website visits from competition are during working hours - and we try to monitor these effectively.


”Thanks to this system, our website's number of visits have risen three times"

Jan Chalas
Sales director
Core Net Solutions
„Using this tool is extremely effective, especialy at this time, when companies and businessmen look for alternatives to find solution of slumping income.“ Ing. Karel Havlicek, Ph.D. MBA
Chairman of the board
Association of SME companies

”Ingenious tool,
which really
got me grounded."

Martin Vymetal
NB & marketing Director
Boomerang Publishing
”LEADY.COM application brings a new, attractive tool for examining the visitors of our website and effectively supports our activities in on-line marketing.“ Alice Habart, Marketing director
ABRA software

"I use in my work every day. Simple, intuitive and extremely useful.“

Martin Vymetal
NB & marketing Director
Boomerang Publishing
"This system will allows you to get in touch even with customers, who were interested in your product, but didn't buy it, or contact you in any way. And these can represent a majority."
Barbora Sipkova

What the system brings you


More customers

The Leady system is able to find out what kind of companies visit your website and what interests them. It also supplies contacts for companies.
This way, you can be the first company to contact your potential customers and offer them your products and services.


Do you know what brings you money?

By comparing your books or CRM with data from our system you will know which source is profitable, which one brings new customers and in what volume. You can easily find out, how much every single PR article, link, web, keyword, Google ad, Facebook, Twitter etc. made. You can measure and optimize the effectiveness of your activities and increase what makes money. Only with our system can you know the origin of the customer, even if they just call. Count what makes money and not just clicks.


Unique analysis

Standard tools tell you just a little about who looks at your websites. We are the only one who can tell you which companies actually visit your website, their origin, what they do, their financial situation, or how many employees they have. This allows you to better adjust your website, content and get a better conversion rate. You can also easily use quick, pro-active communication with your client to get an advantage. You can also modify your website and content to suit your clients' needs.