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Leady Partner Program

Consultancy companies, media agencies, resellers, web agencies and web developers are you ready for a love affair?

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Extra competitive power

As our partner, you will gain a super power. Leady is easy to use and frankly speaking who wouldn’t love to have a bit of an extra competitive power?

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Win - Win Strategy

Partnership with Leady is A Win - Win Strategy. Increase revenue, scale it over time and on the top of that, receive extra mentions.

Marketing Agency 

Grow ours and their business

We fall head over heels with our partners and ain’t afraid to show it! Its adventures journey to grow ours and theirs business together.

Partner with us

Join our community of high-quality agencies, consultants, developers, and more to collaborate with us on supporting our mutual customers and unlock the benefits of being a Leady Partner.

“Leady is for the businessman what a steering wheel and gas pedal are for the race car driver.”

Michael Rostock, Investor

"An attractive tool for the use of traffic to websites. It effectively supports our activities within the framework of online marketing."

Alice Habart, Marketing Director

"We transform every tenth company shown to us by Leady into an actual business case."

Roman Ripa, Easier Business Maker

"The use of this tool is highly practical, especially when companies and entrepreneurs are looking for solutions to decreasing sales."

Jack Havlicek, President of the Board of Directors

" is the perfect addition to any B2B sales company. The targeting of marketing activities or active cold calls is really effective with The sales funnel has new meaning for me now."

Pavel Dolezal, Managing partner

"A brilliant tool that literally blew my mind."

Martin Vymetal, Business & Marketing Director


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