360-Degree Customer View with Leady and MailChimp

In the past 10 years the customer has changed more dramatically than in the past 100 years. Today’s customers are digitally driven, more connected than ever before, and on mobile. Most importantly, the customer is in charge and does not have a time

Businesses adapted to these changes by employing a variety of tools to map customer journey across multiple touchpoints, to extract actionable data and internally switched towards marketing and sales automation. Among some of the favorite tools are eg. email tracking, web form tracking, shopping cart, and website tracking. And the list goes on, but what exactly is a single 360 customer view and how Leady can help your B2B company to achieve it?

“Customers have the means to explore, research and share every purchase decision. And they can do it in a very quick way. If you lose them, it may not be just for that purchase. It may be for a long time. You have to be responsive to their needs.“ Gayatri Patel, eBay’s Director of Global Data infrastructure.

What is a single 360-Degree Customer View?

360-degree customer view is a comprehensive customer profile that consists of all available and meaningful data, gathered from the customer’s journey and engagement through multiple organizational touch points. It provides a strategic insight into customer preferences, aggregating hard and soft data strategic and actionable data, that should be utilized by all departments involved in customer relationships, marketing, and sales teams as well as HR, product development and development teams within an organization.

It provides a new, strategic approach that enables businesses to finetune customer personas profiles, provide the best customer experience across all channels, and reach out to customers with a personalized offering at the right time. Needless to say, it is especially handy when identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Let’s not got stalled at the customers only, with the right set of tools B2B companies can identify anonymous businesses allowing their sales teams to approach these B2B leads at the right time, with the right offering and walk them through the sales process faster.

To sum up, the 360-degree view is the salt of any organization as it allows for personalization and consequently for rather experiential than a transactional relationship with customers. In the long run, 360 customer view leads to improving customer loyalty and advocacy as well as increased sales and fine-tuned marketing campaigns.

”Fewer than 10% of companies have a 360-degree customer view & only 5% use this view to systemically grow their businesses – Gartner.”

What are the Benefits of a 360-Degree Customer View?

Persistently tracking customer interaction across available touchpoints, and evaluating data, your business is able to develop much more precise customer persona profile, customize conversations and identify the right marketing and sales channels.

Further, it improves the ability to understand as well as predict customer behavior by knowing who the customer is, what they are trying to do, what they have done before, and how to respond to their needs. Not only that, a 360-degree customer view can boost a business’s ability to:

  • Sell faster
  • Refine marketing campaigns and channels
  • Improve customer service
  • Prevent churn
  • Create long-term customer loyalty

How to achieve a 360-Degree Customer View with Leady?

Obtaining a 360-degree customer view is a foundation of today tech savvy and progressive businesses. Most businesses now employ a variety of tools in order to develop the 360-degree view, which includes website analysis tools to gather prospects and customer behavior through website tracking, tracking of referrer URL’s, web forms, tools to analyze social media audiences and customer relationship management (CRM) suites.

It is also crucial to use the right tool that integrates other platforms that enable data sharing that has a cohesive, timely, and accurate view of customers. This may require you to involve the use of software that enables you to integrate various software into a single tool to enhance data sharing.

Lead generation software such as Leady offers you the ability to track visitors and their behavior while browsing your site, allowing you to convert anonymous website visitors into leads that have their own company and personal profile. With Leady, you can identify your site’s visitors. While other analytics tools will only provide you with numbers and statistics, Leady gives you a full company and personal profile, which shortens the time you have to invest in research. It also helps you track user behavior while visiting your site, giving you an insight on how users reach and interact with your website.

Leady tracks all the interactions users have while browsing your website. Web form tracking allows Leady to create an enriched person and company profiles from submitted web forms on your site, which also allows you to gain information on each user’s past interactions with your site and give you an idea on the right offers at the right time.

Event tracking allows Leady to track all the events that the user experiences within your site through tracking codes or opened API. This gives you know which button the user clicks, the amount of time spent on a specific page, and the events triggered within the site, allowing you to gain insight on the user’s interests.

In a nutshell Leady can track websitewebforms whether it is a login, shopping cart or other and emails, providing users with a rather unique view on customers.

The powerful combo Leady and MailChimp

Gaining a 360-degree customer view means nothing if the information gained isn’t put to good use. That is why it is important to have the right marketing strategy that puts the 360-degree customer view to good use. Email marketing automation is one of the best approaches that you can use to nurture your leads.

For email marketing, one of the best names in the business is MailChimp. MailChimp automates your business’s ability to sift and nurture leads. As an automation software, MailChimp integrates well with your site, which allows you to create automatic responses to certain instances along the user’s journey within your site.

MailChimp’s campaign builder gives you an easy and creative way to connect directly with your audience and make use of the leads you have at your disposal through strategic email marketing campaigns.

Leady easily integrates with MailChimp to give you a powerful email marketing campaign targeted at leads that are ready to receive your business. Leady gives you information on businesses and representatives that are visiting your site and create personas that allow you to personalize your strategies.

For any business that wants to generate more leads and effectively use those leads to generate more business, Leady integration with MailChimp is a powerful combination that will help you acquire meaningful, high-quality leads and leverage those leads effectively to improve your business.

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