Website Visitor Tracking

Identify and qualify the companies visiting your website, even if they don't fill out a contact form.

Identification of anonymous web visitors

Your website may be visited by many people every day, but you only hear from a few of them. This is usually less than 3%. Leady can help you improve this result. How? By identifying those visitors who are provably interested in your services, but have not yet approached you directly.

You can then contact them first and get one step ahead.

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Identify your up-selling and cross-selling opportunities

The Leady app identifies the needs of both potential and existing customers, ideally with regards to up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. The miracle being that you call at just the right moment!

Know the needs of your customers before they get in touch with you. The Leady app lets you know that there is a new up-selling or cross-selling opportunity.

Measurement and analysis

B2B measurement is difficult because deals are usually closed by e-mail, in a conference room, in a café or over the phone. As a result, the digital footprint is lost, which makes it extremely complicated to determine what led to the initial agreement. Not only do we know which companies visit your website and what they have looked for, but also where they have come from. Moreover, we can keep track of their digital footprint.

If you compare new clients with the data from Leady, you will find out which campaigns only generate visitors and which attract real customers.

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New opportunities directly in your existing tools

Leady can be easily integrated into your CRM, Zapier and Mailchip tools, as well as hundreds of others. 

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Thousands of B2B companies use Leady. If it works for them it could work for you. In the end, it won't cost you anything to give it a try.