We identify your website visitors

You don’t have to waste time searching for new potential clients. They are on your website right now.


Increase in new clients

Imagine you knew detailed information about each of your website visitors. Which company they work for, what website they came from and what engaged them on your website. Thanks to this information, you can easily attract potential clients who are interested in your product or service. At the perfect moment.

Supply your product or service
even before the client demands it

Only a small fraction of your website visitors leaves their contact information.
Thanks to our Leady app, you know whom you engaged and you can reach out to them first.

Calculate value


Don’t look for new opportunities; don’t create anything. Instead, identify and convert into successful business.

You know the needs of your
clients immediately

Yes, even before they reach out to you. Leady gives you an advantage and you immediately learn when a new opportunity for upselling or cross-selling comes around.

You know what attracts
new clients

In B2B, business is often conducted offline – in a conference room or over the phone. This makes it difficult to track what exactly has attracted new clients. But the Leady app lets you know which online campaign has brought the most new clients. Stop tracking click-throughs and start tracking what brings you revenue.

Campaign automation

Our app can easily be paired with Google Analytics and Google Ads. If you have a colleague or a company that takes care of your online campaigns, they will now be able to get more new contracts for the same amount of money.


I want a free trial

Thousands of B2B companies use our product Leady. If it works for them, it will work for you, too.

Our customers

Thanks to the Leady app, we are able to more efficiently link marketing with the needs of the sales department. We quickly learn what customers are interested in and we have a useful tool which gives us information about the current state of the market. We also appreciate the customer care, which is flexible, tailor-made and always very constructive.

Cecilia Bunt, Marketing

Our system covers over 3,000 restaurants and counting. Keeping their information up-to-date is difficult, but notifications and reports from Merk by Imper makes it much easier.

Alice Bednarik, Financial Director helps us monitor our website traffic, which gives us a better understanding of what engages visitors. We often receive valuable leads on potential customers whom we can quickly help to implement the information system.

Radim Horak, Business Development Specialist

Ingenious tool and a total knockout.

Martin Vymetal, Business & Marketing Director