Analytics for Finance & Banking

Most banking houses and fnancial institutions try to look for or create new business opportunities among their present or potential clients. They call and inquire whether the client is interested in the fnancialproduct they are offering. Leady uses data to identify opportunities for further sales. You know the current needs of a company or individual and you can focus on satisfying them. The application Leady is not ano-ther source of data for your analysts, but a source of opportunities, or “leads”, for your salespeople, personal bankers or consultantsYou do not have to look for or create new business opportunities. Identify them with the application Leady.

New Business Opportunities

The system identifies corporate visitors to your website and determines which product or service these companies were interested in. At the same time, it adds verified contact details and other company information. This way you gain opportunities to approach new customers. All you have to do is insert a code into your web pages, nothing else. The application automatically starts recording corporate visits. After connecting Leady to other systems, it is also possible to document the interest of particular users at the application level..

Get to Know Your Present Clients

The application Leady is an online platform which identifies your clients, adds their information from social networks or company database, and further monitors how they browse your website. You only have to connect Leady to your newsletter sending system. This allows Leady’s system to “mark” users and as soon as any of them view your website, they are identified. Leady subsequently adds their external information.

You will therefore be perfectly informed about how a particular user visits your website, which of your newsletters they read, and about other forms of interaction. You can subsequently segment your website visitors according to what they are interested in. You simply know about their current needs.

Discover the Current Needs of Your Present Customers

Leady will notify you that your client is presently looking into getting a mortgage, or they are thinking about a new credit product even before they contact you. Thus you can react quickly and actively offer the product your client is interested in without them contacting you first.

New Client Acquisition

There are probably many potential customers among your newsletter subscribers who are not yet your clients. Due to the fact that the application records their every visit to your website from all devices over time, you will easily find out when a potential customer starts looking into a mortgage, refinancing or considering consumer credit. So you are aware of the current needs of a particular person and you can react to them.

Identify Influencers and Those Who Have an Interest in You

Your clientele includes people, who have thousands of friends and followers on Facebook or Twitter. Use their potential. We recognize them at the Leady application level and you can focus on them and work with every one of them. It is enough to send them a thank-you, premium content or just a voucher for some.

There are many reasons to consider Leady as your Customer Intelligence tool. In the end, it won’t cost you anything to give it a try.