Discover in-app user behavior,
and increase conversion and retention.

In-app user behavior

User-behavior analytics are the key foundation for any software provider.

Leady helps you to track points of user interaction, level of engagement, events, frequency of visits while also tracking all communications, so you can focus on closing more sales.

Thanks to Leady your solutions will always be up to date.

Detailed profiles

Leady complements your existing database.

With sophisticated AI we will enrich your user profiles in real-time enabling you to focus on retention and prevent churn.

We transform every tenth company shown to us by Leady into an actual business case.”

Roman Ripa
Easier Business Maker
blue strategy

In-contex sale

Nothing bothers your prospects more than cold calls and irrelevant offers.

With Leady you can connect to Google Analytics, Mailchimp and gain a 360 degree view on the individual user journey through all touchpoints.

Connect all the dots and provide your users with what they’ve been asking for – a personalized and knowledgable sales approach. is the perfect addition to any B2B sales company. The targeting of marketing activities or active cold calls is really effective with The sales funnel has new meaning for me now.”

Pavel Dolezal
Managing partner

Thousands of B2B companies use Leady. If it works for them it could work for you. In the end, it won’t cost you anything to give it a try.

… and thousands of other companies.