Lead generation

The most comprehensive solution for lead generation in the industry.

Leady turns your anonymous website visitors into business leads with full company and person profile. Shorten the time spent on research, and prospecting and automate lead generation.

Lead management

Leady goes further and built on company profiles. Discover how prospects interact with your website and gain 360-degree view, on your prospects life cycle in real time. With rich data on visitors you can segment, filter and focus on the most prominent prospects quickly and easily.

Personas unlocked

Discover the key personas. Leady identifies which company’s representative has visited your website so you can focus on truly personalized communication and leverage the opportunity better and faster than your competitor.

Take advantage of available data, and spent your time on the right people at the right time.


Connect all the dots and provide your sales and marketing teams with enriched leads to act on at the right time of their life cycle.

Manage data in tools you’ve been using so far. Leady seamlessly integrates with all leading CRM systems and 750 + more.

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Thousands of B2B companies use Leady. If it works for them it could work for you. In the end, it won't cost you anything to give it a try. helps us monitor our website traffic, which gives us a better understanding of what engages visitors. We often receive valuable leads on potential customers whom we can quickly help to implement the information system.

Radim Horak
Business Development Manager
Thanks to the Leady app, we are able to more efficiently link marketing with the needs of the sales department. We quickly learn what customers are interested in and we have a useful tool which gives us information about the current state of the market. We also appreciate the customer care, which is flexible, tailor-made and always very constructive.
Cecilie Bunt
Marketing Manager