Frequently asked questions

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Our system can identify over 4 million companies in more than 37 countries.

The first thing that needs to be cleared up is that we will never own or use your data. We will never find out who is already your customer or who has just visited your website. We supply the data, contacts, emails, number of employees etc. from our own database. We don’t have access to your database, nor do we need it. We collect the following data: type of browser, resolution, installed extensions, fonts, type of device type, color depth, IP address and more.

We obtain maximum information about visitors to your website and related statistical information.

We consider this information to be very sensitive. We are committed to protecting this information the way we protect our own trade secrets. It is possible to enter into an NDA with you in which we bear direct financial liability for any possible leakage of information. Access to the data is only limited to the necessary number of employees. We have our own servers in a secured location, with access granted only to verified personnel within the company.

We only monitor visits to a company’s website, not specific people. We identify the need of the company as a whole, rather than the private requirements of an individual, as other systems do.

No, just which company and how many people from that company visited your site. We identify the need of the company. Most of our clients usually have a given position to which they sell – Business Director, IT, Executive, Acquisitions Director, Accountant, etc. The system builds upon the fact that interest usually comes from these people, even though the visitor may be someone else. It is a signal that the company has some kind of need. It works; we have thousands of corporate users.