Difference between Google Analytics and Leadgen tracking

Data, data, data. In the modern business world, data is king. Everyone wants an edge on insights and information to make smarter decisions, predict trends, and connect with customers better than ever before.

One of the easiest ways for businesses of any size to start tapping into using data to improve their business is with website tracking and analytics.

If you want your website to help you generate leads, then you need to have an analytics and tracking tool installed. However, there are hundreds of different tools out there for businesses to choose from, each promising an enhancement on the part of the website.

One of the most popular, and free tools, is Google Analytics. Most businesses online have already use it on their website. It’s a fundamental tool for anyone that’s serious in the online world. There are only so many insights that can be gathered from it. Cohorts, behaviors, audiences, traffic, and more.

However, what stops most businesses from getting the most out of their ability to generate B2B websites it was relying on Google Analytics as their only tool!

One question that we often get is what is the difference between Google Analytics and Leady.

Here’s how Leady and Google analytics are different and how together you can use them to improve your company’s web analytics and tracking.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free website analytics tool offered by Google (you may have heard of them). It has a little bit of everything. It will show you insights about traffic, the behavior of your website visitors, information about conversions, and much more. It’s an all-in-one tool for businesses interested in tracking their web data.

The scope of what GA does is enough to gain insights on what they could be doing on their site or with generating traffic to get better results. It offers a holistic picture, and when tied into other Google tools such as AdWords or Search Console, it gives the businesses the extensive data it needs to improve and optimize their presence to enhance their results online.

What is Leady?

Leady gives you specific information about website visitors and their behavior such as which businesses are visiting your website, how often they’re there, what content they’re interacting with and more. It will provide you with insights into what they’re looking to learn and make it easy for you to follow-up and have a sales conversation tailored to their problems and your solution. It’s the next step in the process of making your website generate high-quality leads and giving you the insight to act upon it meaning your team will know and be able to connect with high-quality leads for your business. You’ll be aware of new opportunities that you may never have seen with traditional web analytics tools.

Any business that uses their website to generate leads needs to understand how different tracking and analytics tools fit together. By combining the data from Google Analytics with the targeted tracking of Leady, business will be able to generate, connect, and close higher quality leads for their business.

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