How to boost your B2B business with MailChimp and Leady

Lead generation is the backbone of a business, yet far too many B2B businesses, focus on generating leads only to get stuck with the inability to convert them consistently. Or wasting a lot of time and additional resources on leads that aren’t ready. Maybe they aren’t a good fit for the company, or perhaps they’re not a fit at the given moment.

What’s the point of generating leads if you don’t know what to do with them?

One of the best ways to automate your businesses ability to sift through leads and nurture them is with a with email marketing automation. Rather than contacting every lead with a pitch, there needs to be a customized approach to find out if the lead is ready, educate them on your solution, and walk them through your sales process till the very end. There are many ways and tools you can map the customer journey with. Here we will give you a glimpse into our favorite one.

MailChimp for Automation

One of the best email service providers to set up this automation is MailChimp. MailChimp, when connected with your website, allows you to create triggers, and sequences that will take these leads through an autoresponder sequence to nurture them. This means educating them about your solution and a call to action so they can connect with you. MailChimp also includes integrations with advertising platforms to connect with leads in different channels.

Segmentation allows you to break up these conversations into specific channels sot at everything else can come together. You can segment them about the content they’ve consumed, the pages they visited, the deliverables they downloaded, and more.

Marketing automation with MailChimp means you can create a journey to educate and qualify leads. That way when you pick up the phone and have more focused conversations about solving their problems.

Leady and MailChimp

The next step is combining MailChimp with Leady. Leady tells you which businesses are visiting your website which takes your email automation personalization to another level.

Integrating the data from Leady into MailChimp means that rather than having impersonal conversations and treating all businesses and email subscribers as the same, you’ll have the qualitative information you need to target and customize your conversion and segment subscribers so you can have better conversations. Too often in B2B online marketing, leads and subscribers are treated impersonally.

With Leady, you can follow-up with a corporate account and begin speaking directly to their needs and how your solution can work for them. MailChimp and Leady work together to personalize your marketing conversations and give you the data to improve and generate and close more leads.

Any B2B businesses that are generating leads online and serious about turning it into a significant source of their customer acquisition need to be using and leveraging web analytics tools like Leady and automation platforms like MailChimp.

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