Leady vs Lead Forensic

There are a number of solid reasons to consider Leady as a all in one product for all of your lead generation needs, as the system covers several lead generation channels, lead management, web form listener, and mailchimp automation from the same centralized platform. Furthermore, it carries the reputation of a advanced software tool used globally.

The affordable pricing scheme, cutting edge features, and data quality make Leady a reasonable option for every company. In the end, it won’t cost you anything to give it a try.

Company and person identification

With sophisticated algorithms Leady will identify and monitor individuals visiting your website. Such an enhancement will tell you what content is the best and which should be revised.
Lead Forensic’s main focus lies in identifing anonymous company visits not individuals. You can explore the tool right away with our free trial.
Lead Forensic provides you with data on companies coming to your website only.

More Leads, Better Quality Thanks to New Technology

When it comes to data, do not hold back.

With its our unique technology Leady unfolds all firmographics details on companies visiting your website. Thus can capture all, big corporations, small and medium business that are usually difficult to identify. In addition it will complement company profiles with LinkedIn connections.

Based on IP identification Lead Forensic provides you with company profiles only.

Web form listener

Leady actively collects data from multiple touch points, for you to have wider and deeper knowledge on all individuals that interact with your company. Additionally Leady reports right back to you.

Lead Forensic focuses solely on identification of companies visiting your website.

Upload your own data

What makes a popular tool is the fact that you can combine your own data with the data generated by Leady. You can upload or segment data, consequently you can filter out your own clients. As well you can export data to your CRM.

Lead Forensic is more of a stand alone solution. You can integrate with your CRM and upload data there.

Custom Events

Leady serves as a full service solution so you can easily upload and export your data to Leady. In case you monitor user’s events such as phone call, download of white paper or purchase you will gain extraordinary 360 – degree view on your users and visitors. Leady will allow you to manage all data at one place.

Lead Forensic Pricing

If it costs more, it is better! You know very well such a claim has been denied many times.

Leady subscription starts at $59 per month for its advanced full feature solution.

Lead Forensic does not publicly display its pricing plans, however it is assumed their typical pricing is about $209+ per month plus you pay for every individual contact you would like to obtain.

There are many reasons to consider Leady as Lead Forensics alternative. In the end, it won’t cost you anything to give it a try.